The Project

With the “Chernobyl Smile” project, every year we bring to Borghetto Santo Spirito 60 Belarusian disabled boys. We offer them air travel, board and lodging for a month at sea. The holiday for their bodies is a remediation from radiation but for their soul is a breath of fresh air, smiles, love, cuddles. Every year for more than twenty years we manage to take them to the sea thanks to the generosity of many, many people of UNITALSI. It is thanks to these people that even today we can realize a dream. The dream of these children to spend a few days of serenity and joy to the house of joy. The dream of many volunteers who, after having met them, are looking forward to the month of May in order to re-embrace them.


Gives a stay to a child

The international scientific community guarantees that a month’s holiday with clean air, sun, food and water has a beneficial effect …
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10 March 2018 – Russian Dinner

With the start of the activities of the Chernobyl Smile project, the Unitalsi Ivrea wants to promote the first event …
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Chernobyl@School Project

We are activating school-work projects to make secondary school children and their teachers live an experience of service and growth …
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Radioactive contamination was strongly conditioned by the weather conditions of that day. In the hours following the disaster, two high-pressure …
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The Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place on 26 April 1986 at 1:23 at night at the Lenin nuclear power plant …
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In Belarus, thousands of disabled children spend their lives in the “Internats”, huge orphanages where they live between 200 and …
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A different month

Belarusian disabled children are accommodated for a stay of 30 or 35 days at the seaside, in the Unitalsi holiday house in Liguria.

The “House of joy” is a holiday home in the tourist heart of Liguria in Borghetto Santo Spirito. A large house, a large garden full of plants, a chapel on the ground floor, elevators, accessible rooms and showers and then lounges for lunch, for television, for relaxation. But the “House of Joy” is not just a “home”, it is above all a place where you can spend your holiday time in joy.

A place where a person with cognitive and / or motor impairment is welcomed and considered as a friend, where he can move independently, where physical, ideological and social barriers have been demolished for some time.

The House

Do you want to live a profound and unforgettable experience? Come and help us at Borghetto Santo Spirito in the month of May. 

The sea

Lighting a smile where man's madness has brought destruction and death is a way of apologizing to these little disabled and orphans who pay the highest price; it is a gift that fills the heart and warms the soul

The Smile

For the children a month of vacation, fun and sea, for the volunteers a full of energy and love

Happy ending stories


Anastasia arrived in Borghetto in May 1997, a 9-year-old little girl with a beautiful face but forced into a wheelchair …
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Sacha, who remained alone following the simultaneous death of her parents in an accident, ended up in the Rechtisa Internship …
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Last year one of the three smallest – Misha, 13 years old but much less proven, a bearer of down …
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We do not give up

The economic crisis of recent years is putting a strain on the efforts of many volunteers who live for this project. Cash donations have declined significantly and today we are all called upon to make a further effort to secure a few days of joy and sea once again for these helpless little ones. We want to continue to donate a month of sea to all these guys; Pavel, Sacha, Irina, Adam, Ina, Misha ... for them the stay in Italy has become a reason of life that makes the rest of the year more bearable in the cold grayness and in the absolute anonymity of the "Internat" in which they are forced to live.
Do you give us a hand not to extinguish their hope? To bring a child in Italy we need about it 1000€
The cost includes air travel with all the related bureaucracy and a stay of 30/35 days at the Casa Unitalsi of Borghetto Santo Spirito

Do you want to help us?

Make a donation

The costs of living are high, we need your help to support the project
You can make a donation using PayPal

Offer your time

Come with us to Borghetto, becoming a volunteer is an experience that changes your life

Spread the project

Help us to spread the idea, the more people know us the better chance we will have to help children

School-Work Alternation

The project of “School-Work alternation” sees young students involved in learning practical notions both in the workplace and in the social sphere. In particular with the Chernobyl Smile Project, the young person is immersed in a reality of highly enriching dialogue and service. The A. Greppi Institute of Monticello has already tried this experience, Read more.

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