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Anastasia arrived in Borghetto in May 1997, a 9-year-old little girl with a beautiful face but forced into a wheelchair.
The managers of his Internato tell their Italian friends that Anastasia could actually walk, but surgery is necessary and in Belarus, health comes at a cost.
Part of a chain of solidarity, volunteers put their hands to the heart and the wallet and the following year they gave Anastasia the amount necessary for the intervention.
Anastasia returns, the following year, with a happy face: she is no longer always forced into wheelchairs, she manages to get up and walk a little with the walker.
And finally, after another intervention, Anastasia walks – certainly will never run a hundred meters but walks -, in 2012 he marries and in 2015 happy, moved and radiant presented to his friends the Unitalsi his daughter, perfect and without problems .