How to help us

The return to Belarus, the end of the holiday is marked by so much sadness, by many attempts and requests to stay, by so many tears and our volunteers. We try to give them as much as we can in small gifts, sweets, Nutella, Kinder, caress surplus but what we are asked – in a thousand different ways but all equally understandable – is the possibility to return next year for five weeks as children, as children, by people and not by numbers.
This is the request that everyone, no one excluded, have done to our volunteers who went to visit them.

And that is why we are knocking at the heart of many generous friends so that it is possible to return them all, without disappointing expectations and extinguishing hopes.


Make a donation

The economic crisis has hit everyone and especially the world of volunteering. The economic resources have decreased but the guys who ask us for help are always the same.
We can not abandon them now, we can not disappoint their hopes. Now we really need your offer to continue supporting this project.



You can make a donation with a bank transfer to your current account to Unitalsi Ivrea.

Use IBAN code: IT 87 F 03069 09606 100000113498  and write as causal “PROGETTO CHERNOBYL SMILE”

The UNITALSI is a Social Promotion Association registered in the National Register at No. 7 and therefore each donation can be considered as a donation for charity and therefore deductible according to the current laws on tax matters.
Send an email at to obtains further informations on how to obtains a regular receipt.


Offer your time

When we talk about donations, we often refer to money.
For us of the Unitalsi it is also important and above all to give free time. You can help us with a volunteer experience in Borghetto.


Spreed the project

Word of mouth is one of the most effective tools to spread the ideas we like.
If you were a volunteer at the house of joy and you met the guys of the “Project Chernobyl Smile” you will be even more motivated.
What we ask of you is simply to make the voice run; talk with friends, in the parish, with your classmates.



Join the project Chernobyl@School

School-work projects in Unitalsi to make secondary school children and their teachers live an experience of service and growth. We offer the opportunity to spend a week or a weekend in Borghetto at the Casa della Gioia. As part of the “Chernobyl Smile” project, the students will be placed in a team of volunteers who already know the Belarussian children and who will help the students to get closer to the world of disability. The activities assigned to the boys are always agreed beforehand with the teacher.

In particular we are looking for students from language schools, especially from Russia. The boys will be asked to help us with the translations. So a way for the boy to apply the concepts learned at school in a real context and that guides him in the choices of growth and work of the future.




Here’s what the project costs us every year

The Chernobyl Smile Project costs about 65,000 euros annually for the MONITORSI Monzese for the hospitality of 65/70 people between disabled people and staff of the Internati whose presence is regulated, even as a number, by the Belarusian law.

The cost is determined by a per capita contribution of € 500.00 to the GOMEL fundto cover the costs of air travel, insurance, transport from the Internati to the airport and all the rather complex procedures for obtaining a visa.

The amount paid to the GOMEL’s Fund is then added an expense for the hospitality to the “House of Joy” that for default we have calculated in 500.00 euros for the entire stay. The amount of stay is low because the structure of Borghetto stands alone and exclusively, thanks to the volunteer staff who not only do not receive a penny but pay a contribution of 15 euros per day.

The Project is under the responsibility of UNIVERSSI and the FOREIGN MINORS ‘COMMITTEE of the MINISTRY OF WORK AND SOCIAL POLICIES.