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Sacha, who remained alone following the simultaneous death of her parents in an accident, ended up in the Rechtisa Internship and from here reached Borghetto. He has one leg shorter than the other, no aid to help him and limps; he is shy, with his face very sweet and always a bit ‘sad, he draws beautifully using everything he finds: lids of boxes on the reverse, back of written sheets, sometimes even paper napkins and pencil stubs.
But Sacha is a born artist and the volunteers who take care of him realize it, proud and proud of the drawings that Sacha gives to full hands.
Sacha cries moved when the painter’s set is given: briefcase, pencils, colors, felt-tip pens, tempera, oil paints, clean paper and cardboard and much more, a kit put together with an infinite heart under the skeptical looks of those responsible of his Internato.
Sacha is finally a painter and even in Belarus, slowly adagio, they realize “his gift”: today Sacha – our volunteers met him in Gomel – he attended the third year of the Academy in Minsk.
With such emotion, in January he announced an exhibition of paintings in his Internato and our volunteers, with even greater emotion, recorded a small success, a kid saved from the impossibility of realizing himself.